A Note About Persistence

Tonya Wilson

Work hard, try hard, do your best, are all "sayings" that have resonated with each of us throughout our lives.  As adults we try to embody these words in our day to day lives or at least when we remember. Teaching children to be persistent is important.  We know through research, that persistence and having the ability to keep trying ultimately helps students navigate through life.

So, what does this look like in school for your children?   

In the classroom

Students may have to complete assignments more than once.

Students may have to study a concept for quite a bit of time.

Students work in small and large groups on learning to better understand.

Teachers organize differentiated experiences for our students to ensure learning.

All of these exercises are cloaked with the emphasis on working hard and persisting throughout the activity.

Within the classroom setting, teachers constantly remind students about the importance of persisting through a task. 

As we continue these discussions with students, please be sure to share with your children times when you have had to be "persistent.

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