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  • Board of Education Adopts 2018-19 Proposed Budget

    The Board of Education adopted the 2018-19 proposed budget at its meeting on April 17. Eligible voters in the Pelham Union Free School District may vote on the budget at the annual referendum on Tuesday, May 15, which will also be the bond referendum and school board member election.

    Please read more about the proposed budget or view the budget and related documents here.

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  • Bond Referendum Set for Tuesday, May 15

    Eligible Pelham voters may vote on a two-proposition bond proposal to fund facilities/infrastructure projects and athletic facilities/fields upgrades on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Visit the District's updated bond page to learn more about the proposal.

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  • Advocacy Update: Urge Albany to Adequately Fund Our Schools in State Budget

    The Pelham Board of Education and Community Engagement and Advocacy Committee are participating in a campaign to urge our state elected officials to adequately fund our schools in the state budget. Please read more about how to join this campaign and make your voices heard on this important issue. 

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  • Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services Rosemary Matthews Announces Retirement

    Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services Rosemary Matthews has announced her retirement effective June 30, 2018 following 13 years leading the District’s Pupil Personnel Services department. Please read more about Mrs. Matthews announcement and take a brief survey regarding her successor. 

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  • Dr. Champ Update on 2-27-18 Communication

    Dear Pelham Parents, Staff, and Community Members,

    I’m writing as a follow up to yesterday’s communication. We appreciate that the vagueness of yesterday’s message may have only introduced or heightened anxiety for those members of the community who were unaware of the developing situation. When matters of this nature arise, we are generally unable to provide specific details as they may undermine an investigation or reveal identifiable information about a specific student.

    I want to make clear that the rumor in question was unfounded and reiterate that there was never a threat to our school or danger to our students. I addressed this situation in greater detail at last night’s Board meeting and have included an excerpt from my remarks below that I hope provides some clarity:

    “With regard to the email about rumors at the secondary campus, we always have been and will continue to be limited in what we can share regarding student situations that arise. Today was a perfect example of how fear leads us down a rabbit hole that quickly spins out of control. Students noticed something concerning on social media before the break. They reported it to the school just as they should. . . Unfortunately, students also made some assumptions about what was seen, and in the game of telephone that hasn’t changed since we were kids, they told their friends and they told their friends and things escalated into rumors that were unfounded. Those rumors resurfaced Tuesday and started spreading at the high school to a point that we once again looked into them and reconfirmed that these were baseless rumors. The intent of the email was to convey that these were concerning rumors, we’re aware of them and doing what we need to do, and that everyone is safe.”

    Rest assured that the safety of our schools is our highest priority. We also value clear and effective communication with our community. We must often balance the need to inform with the need to protect student information.

    Please click here to view the full text of my remarks, which includes further information on school safety measures, an upcoming student demonstration, and our residency policy.


    Dr. Cheryl Champ Ed. D.
    Superintendent of Schools


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  • A note from Dr. Champ about the Tragedy in Florida

    Dear Pelham Parents, Staff and Community Members,

    I am writing you with a heavy heart over the tragedy that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida yesterday. For all of us – parents, students, teachers, and staff – violence in a school, especially the loss of innocent lives, hits far too close to home.

    During this time when media attention is heightened around this most recent school shooting, it is especially important that we help our children make sense of this disturbing act of violence. Please know that our school counselors, psychologists, administrators and principals are all available to support our students and staff. We encourage you to reach out and ask for support.

    The safety of our students and staff is something that I take extremely seriously and something that our staff thinks about on a daily basis. Each instance of school violence gives us pause as we think about how we improve the safety of our buildings and facilities.

    Over the course of today and tomorrow, our middle school and high school administrators and support staff will be meeting with students to review our safety protocols and remind students of the resources available to help support them emotionally.   

    In the coming days and weeks, our elementary principals will review our building protocols with our staff and parents and remind them of the importance of following our safety procedures. As always, our staff is available to address any students’ concerns in a developmentally appropriate way.

    Our District safety and security committee will also meet shortly to review our procedures and discuss ways to make improvements, as necessary.

    Each year we practice a variety of drills, such as lock downs and lock outs, to help us prepare for a day that we pray will never come. Over the past several years, each of our campuses have been equipped with enhanced security features to control who is entering and leaving our buildings at all times and notify those outside of the buildings when an emergency situation is occurring. Our security and facilities team and our administration maintains a close working relationship with our police and fire chiefs in each village and they too practice and prepare for emergency responses routinely and seriously. Together, we strive to make sure our efforts are efficient and coordinated in the event of any emergency.

    Preparation is key to ensuring that our schools are safe and welcoming places for our students and staff. The social-emotional wellness of our students is a core tenet of educational system and that will always be the best preventative measure we can take. We also must be persistent in ensuring that potentially dangerous and violent situations are known before they become tragedies. It sounds simple, but please, if you see something, say something. We will investigate, and we will work to make sure our students are safe – it is our most important function as a school system.

    Finally, the Employee Assistance Program has produced a helpful guide with tips on dealing with the trauma from the tragedy. Click here to review this document.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Please keep the families of Parkland, Florida in your hearts and minds and thank you for your continued support.


    Dr. Cheryl Champ, Ed. D.
    Superintendent of Schools

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  • John Condon Appointed Director of Facilities

    The Pelham Public Schools is pleased to announce the appointment of John P. Condon as Director of Facilities effective February 26, 2018. Mr. Condon will take over the position from current Director Anthony Mandile, who is retiring on February 28. Please read more about this announcement.

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  • Transportation to Out-of-District Schools due by April 2

    Please note that parents requesting transportation to out-of-district schools for the 2018-19 school year MUST complete and send in the Request Form before April 2, 2018 (this is a one-day extension due to the Easter holiday.

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  • Important Information About the Flu

    Please read this important information about the flu.

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